Porterhouse Productions Launching New Mobile Entertainment Venue in Michigan

Spectacular Structures – a high-capacity, four-season mobile venue – will be the first of its kind in the U.S.

Traverse City, Mich – August 6, 2013 – Concertgoers, festival attendees, event planners and conference organizers in Michigan will soon have access to a resource that’s previously been unavailable to many communities in the state: a high-capacity entertainment venue capable of hosting year-round, four-season local and national events.

Porterhouse Productions in Traverse City is launching Spectacular Structures, a brand-new luxury mobile venue designed to host 4,000+-capacity events. The customizable, sophisticated tent structure is the first of its kind in the country and will dramatically expand the state’s programming and hospitality capabilities, particularly in Northern Michigan. The enterprise has secured an early investment partner in Start Garden, the Grand Rapids-based venture capital firm launched by entrepreneur and ArtPrize founder Rick DeVos.

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Sam Porter, owner of Porterhouse Productions, says the mobile venue – which can be heated or cooled, enclosed or opened, and scaled in size to house both intimate and large-scale events – has the potential to revolutionize the event-planning industry in Michigan.

“Whether it’s local symphonies looking to play in an outdoor covered venue, chambers of commerce planning business expos, wedding planners looking for a unique event setting or national touring artists booking high-capacity stages in Michigan, this venue will allow us to cater to every single one of those demographics,” says Porter.

The mobile structure comes with a 53-foot semi-trailer that doubles as both transportation for the venue and a independent refrigeration unit that can be used separately for food and beverage service. Porter, who plans to offer sponsorship branding space on the side of the trailer, says the asset will allow the company to offer local food and beverage options at events and will provide much-needed infrastructure for small businesses and vendors who are otherwise restricted in service capabilities.

Porter plans to first put the venue to use in Traverse City, debuting the structure at a weekend of festivities in the Open Space August 16-17 that includes the fourth annual Paella in the Park event on August 16 and the second annual Great Wakes Festival on August 17. From there, the tent will be utilized on an ongoing basis for both Porterhouse concerts and festivals as well as for outside rental by communities, event planners, corporations and conferences throughout Michigan and the Midwest. The company will manage two interactive public brands: Spectacular Structures, the parent company and rental division, and Tent Venue, a fan-driven branch focused on concert and event updates, crowd-sourcing campaigns and marketing and social media outreach.

Porter says the launch of the venue is just the beginning for the business. In 2014, he plans to add an additional component to the structure that will expand its total capacity to 10,000. His ultimate goal – and that of his partners and investors – is to eventually take the business national, expanding its market reach into key cities across the country with high demand for event space.

“Our first priority is to build a market here in Traverse City, providing this venue as a resource for our community as well as other communities in the state,” says Porter. “By focusing on bringing tourism dollars, national partners and high-profile entertainment and business to Michigan, we hope to build a nexus of excitement and energy that can then expand outward to other states.”

Complete details on Spectacular Structures – including venue information, schedule of events and rental information – will be available soon at www.tentvenue.com.